CLIMATRONIC begins a new stage updating the design of its Climatic Chambers, new features,
with a more modern and ergonomic design.
New image of the equipment, attractive design that allows better access to controls,
with ACTTA Control (Automatic Climate Testing Advanced).

We improved our technology, equipment CLIMATRONIC can even work better:

  • Capacitive measuring probe.
  • Door opens 180º, with electromagnetic lock. Opening from the touch screen controller.
  • Big window (550 x 600 mm) centered on the door, composed for 4 Securit tempered glass vacuum sealed.
  • New weather strip, that ensure a better sealing.
  • Interior lighting with silicone sealed envelope, prevents condensation and steam leakage. On/ off switch from the touch screen controller.
  • Ø50 mm Teflon access port, with watertight cap.
  • 4 casters on the base for easy mobility.
  • Additional trays in stainless steel rod, adjustable in height.
  • Interior fully made of AISI 304 stainless steel. New rounded interior finished, without seams so screws, facilitating cleaning inside the camera.
  • Exterior made of galvanized steel and powder coated with epoxy and polyamide resins
  • AISI 304 stainless steel door, painted in oven with epoxy and polyamide resins.
  • Aesthetic and technical details in the door and technical area, lighting brand with LED.
  • Heating system composed by armored and finned heating elements, completely made of stainless steel. Electronic power control by triac with zero switching firing module, avoiding the generation of electrical noise.
  • System cold air cooled. BY-PASS timed system, allows better regulation of PID parameters in cold, besides ensuring durability and performance of the compressor. Ecological refrigerant liquid, chlorine-free and CFC free.
  • Humidification System completely made of stainless steel. Steam generation is controlled electronically with immersion elements.
  • Integrated security system in the chambecomposed of:
    • Differential pressure switch for compressor.
    • Over temperature thermostat with heating system disconnect.
    • Independent safety regulator that allows the user to set limits protection temperature. (maximum and minimum).
  • Control panel is based on the new management system called ACTTA (Automatic Climate Touch Testing Advanced).
    • 10” touch screen.
    • 100 GB Storage capacity.
    • Windows system.
    • Intel processor
      • Characteristics of the control program:
      • 100 segments scheduler with unlimited storage capacity.
      • Control links: 2 (3º optional link for the control of synchronized auxiliary process variable mBar, CO2, O2,…).
    • Analogical signals (external set point value entry process) and digital.
    • Extracting data via USB.
    • Ethernet network.
    • RS232 serial port (optional).
    • Complete manager of incidents and relevant events, filing and registration of trials in the states of the event editor (chronological identification), also listed and complete record of warnings and alarms.
    • Different levels of user access ( security PASSWORD).
    • Registration, storage , display and analysis .
    • Simple presentation and adjusted to the user´s roles: estate of T/HR, expanded visualization indicators of process variables, immediate access to the T/HR values. Direct display of machine status.
    • Simple programming of set points profiles.
      • Create, modify, insert and delete segments.
      • Display of program stops while creating.
      • Selecting repeats intermediate segments.
      • Adjustment of the equipment actions.
      • Pre-selection of the starting date of the test and automatic delayed execution, without operator presence.
      • Import and export of program profiles.
    • Continuous recording of all variables, set points, statements, events, message test:
    • Immediate analysis of data using the editor with Windows features (trends, averages, deviations….)
    • Export selectable data by labelable periods.
    • Source file edited in TDMS format.
    • Set the tendency of a section (quickness in changing T/HR), determine fluctuating periods of stability, setting the maximum and minimum among groups of sensors that register the sample.
      • Troubleshooting Remote Assistance through a Web server .


    Optional equipment

    • Additional trays in stainless steel rod, 30 kg. of load capacity
    • Additional Access Port.
    • Fluorescent tubes UV/VIS/VHO/IR on removable tray (or attached to the roof of the chamber).
    • Auxiliary feed water system using 80 liters tank with pump.
    • Demineralization system (inverse osmosis, mixed-bed ion-exchanger, decalcification).