Heladicity Chamber

The Heladicity Chamber contributes to the simulation of extreme weather conditions for the performance of construction materials tests.

Standard cameras from 525 to 1,400 liters of useful capacity, with temperature ranges from -25 ºC to 30 ºC. Possibility of construction in the required measures.

Built on a steel tube structure. Zinc plated steel exterior, painted in acrylic and oven dried. AISI 304 quality stainless steel interior.

Depending on the model, the opening of the gate is manual, facilitated by gas dampers, or pneumatic automatic.


Standard equipment

  • Integrated electrical and control panel.
  • PID temperature controller with automatic adjustment and precise control.
  • PT-100 Ohm measuring probe, DIN Class A.
  • Anti-vibration legs.
  • Low noise level.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Maximum and minimum pressure switch in cold group installed.
  • Fault management automaton in the system, with an indication screen by means of error messages in any of the systems that make up the Chamber.
  • CFC and HCFC free refrigerants, as stipulated in international environmental regulations.

Optional equipment

  • PID temperature controller with setpoint programmers. Logic output configurable by events.
  • 100 mm paper graphic recorder that allows you to register up to four process variables (continuous stroke) or six (multipoint). High visibility screen with seven segments that provides clear numerical indications of process variables and alarm status. Annotation of the date / time and messages on the chart.
  • Video monitoring system with video recorder with 5.5 “VGA or 12.1” XGA display: Customizable graphic display. Remote viewing and configuration. Batch functions Adaptive Recording Mathematical functions. Totalizers, timers and counters. Time synchronization (SNTP). Audit path, Electronic signatures and Security Manager. FTP client and server. Communications via Ethernet. Serial Communications Event tickets Compliance with US FDA guidelines, and 21CFR part 11. Complies with AMS2750D standard.
  • Computer application for configuring and commissioning controllers from a PC. It allows data recording, creation and recovery of configuration files, cloning equipment, communications and supervision.
  • Mobile Sample Insertion Probe.
  • Bulkhead.
  • RS232 serial port for connection to computer.
  • Communications via Ethernet.
  • End of process warning buzzer.
  • Outputs to terminals 4/20mA or 0/10V.
  • Gate Pneumatic Opening.
  • Defrost System.